Friday the 13th Run Down !~!

Happy Friday the 13th all! Are you guys superstitious ? Me either. I just love to do some thing fun like watch scary movies on Friday the 13th ! Well I have been a busy bee as usual all morning and afternoon. I had tons of laundry to catch up on, which wasn't a great idea being that it's about 90 degrees out here in N.Y.C and very humid! But, this is my job full time to be a housewife. And an amazing one at that ( if I say so myself ). I do feel a bit light headed, so I will sip some iced water/coffee while I do the Friday run down for all things fun and coffee related !
How do you guys beat the heat when it's hot ? What are your coffee related tricks to cooling down , I'd love to hear !

If your on facebook, hit up Coffee For Less, they have Fun Fridays going on with great coffee trivia as well as 3 lucky winners that will get a free box of K-Cups! I definitely could use more I'm running low .

A good review on a Honduran blend coffee from dailyshotofcoffee.

The latest from gocoffeego !

Keep cool all and enjoy your weekend !!

Signing off a " 13th " Coffee Diva !


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