DeLonghi MKE6 Electric

I had a small Moka pot that I used for one cup of espresso about a year ago, but then it broke ( I am such a clutz don't even ask). I always wanted to get another one just to have. I used to make my espresso on them. It worked well. Mine didn't make to much foam but on a good day, with the right espresso it did taste very authentic. It's definitely the european way to have coffee/espresso. Well I found a cute machine that is the moka pot, but electric. So it's virtually dumb proof it seems. I would love to try this out one day. Here is a cute how to video I found on youtube.
Hope everyone is staying cool in this heat wave. I pretty much am staying in . Too hot to move or do anything really. I hate the summer because on very hot or humid days there is nothing to do other than sit in front of a fan and drink iced water ! I am so much for suited for the fall/winter. I go out everyday even in the snow. It's so much more refreshing. Well stay safe all and have a great weekend :)

Signing off a " Hot " Coffee DIva


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