Friday Run Down 4/20

Ciao' ! I know most people are super excited that today is Friday. Well today is me and my hubby's " Tuesday" , but here is Friday's run down to get all of you people excited for your weekend. I am in a great mood. Feeling really thankful for all I have in my life. My husband has given me a great life, and every day I look around and feel " rich" with all we have. It's always nice when you had such rough times, to see things work out. Me and my husband have such a strong bond and I know that sticking together through our struggles has given us a good life now and a great marriage. Ok sorry for my ramble but sometimes you have to be really corny and positive !! I hope you all feel the same way...P.S. As many of my regular readers now I have the worst allergies lately. Today thank god I don't have a sinus headache/migraine but my allergies are acting out ! My nose has been runny all day, and my throat a little scratchy here and there. So I am loading up on hot tea this afternoon. My body needs those antioxidants to help fight that pollen out of here ( plus Zyrtec D & Afrin ) lol. Do you guys suffer as well? Is today bad for you? I know in the N.Y.C area the pollen count says Very High plus the humidity which for me usually means my head feels like it is in a plastic bag ! Well I hope you guys are doing better. . As long as I'm not in pain I'm good !

Here goes the run.....

Now on they are offering yet another amazing coffee roaster. " Dogwood Coffee" . They are offering a promo to get you guys ready for this new coffee. 20% off all their coffee. But hurry only available for a limited time.

In honor of mother's day, Barista Prima Coffee House is running a contest. Tell them why your "momma" is the best and you can enter to win a free Keurig. Just log onto their facebook page, like Barista Prima Coffee House and then vote to win !You can enter once a day up until 4/24 so get crackin ! I don't know what mamma wouldn't love a beautiful Keurig !

Stop by your local Caribou coffee house and try their limited edition drink "cafe canela" apparently it's sweet cinnamon & citrus ! I have never heard of it or tried it. Sounds a bit weird, but cheers !

Hurry and head over to for happy house sale !
Get 10% off your order of $100 or more
PLUS: Free Shipping
PLUS: A free Sam Pler bag!!

Use Coupon Code: HAPPYHOUR10 and don't forget to click "apply coupon" before submitting your order.
Offer Valid today only from 2pm-3pm

Well that's all for today folks ! Have a beautiful healthy weekend !

Signing off a " happy coffee " diva


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