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Barista Prima Decaf Kcup !

Some coffee people think decaf is a sin. They think it's caffeine's evil twin sister. Some people will not even hear of it. I myself occasionally drink decaf coffee. And I think that decaf has come such a long way. It no longer tastes like crap! There are gourmet companies that are investing in decaf coffee, or even decaf kcups.I think they are realizing now that there is a trend of people who enjoy a decaf cup of coffee at night. Or certain times of the month they can't have any, or maybe even any time of the year they aren't allowed. So it's nice to see the companies are making it easier and better for us to drink. Some kcups I've tried that are decaf you wouldn't have even known it if I didn't tell you they were decaf.
Well now there is another great coffee company " Barista Prima " that has come out with a decaf Italian roast kcup. It is supposed to be all the boldness of their regular kcups, without the caffeine. I can not wait to try the…

Coffee Clearance !!

T.G.I.F coffee friends. It is a nasty/rainy/ cold day here in N.Y.C. I was just finishing up work and then time for lunch and some much needed coffee comfort to warm me up today :) There is a big clearance on Check them out and see what you might find for your coffee stash. They have variety kcups on sale as well as flavored syrups so you can customize your drink. Also, if you are a tea lover Celestial Seasonings are on sale as well.

Hope you all have a great weekend ! Are you guys watching the Oscars this Sunday ? I probably will until it gets boring and then turn it off. I usually do that every year lol.

a " rainy coffee " Diva

Freebie Coffee Sample

Here is a from Marley Coffee Sample. I love anything free, but especially coffee !! Hope this brightens your day. I have never tried this coffee before, but I can't wait to try :)

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New Keurig "Vue"

Well it always seems once you get the brand new phone, or car, or coffee machine.. the next day a brand new one comes out. Now this is true for Keurig. Apparently they have completely redesigned the Keurig brewing system. They are coming out with a new one called the Vue. It looks pretty amazing to be honest. Here is some new information on it. It hasn't come out yet, but I wish they had this earlier I probably would have ordered it. I hate when companies do this !!! The one I ordered was brand new, now a year later a different one. Oh boy, lol.

Will you guys buy the new one , or do you already own one like me ??

Signing off a " pissed off " Coffee Diva lol

Valentine's Day BOGO

Take your sweetie to your local Caribou coffee shop, and get Buy one get one free! A great idea for the morning, afternoon, or after dinner treat . For a coffee lover, or if you are on a strict budget this will help you look great with out spending a lot of cash. Enjoy ! :)

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Nescafe's Rewards Program.

Hello all. I know some places over the globe have gotten some snow today. Here in NYC it is just very cold and nasty/rainy out. Today is a beautiful day to curl up on the couch with a blanket, a good movie, and of course coffee or tea. Well I had a bold kcup today Folgers Gourmet Black Silk. I mixed it with some half/half & mocha lattee from coffee mate brand. It was very good. I was worried that I wouldn't like it since normally I am not a fan of chocolate in your coffee but I really liked it. I only put a spoonful in but I felt that it gave it a really nice flavor to it. I bet with some whipped milk or cream on top it would have really been a latte like at Starbucks. Anywhoo, after giving my three part review some time back on my new espresso machine ( Dolce Gusto Circolo) I wanted to give you guys the link to the rewards program. So if you do have the machine and you are new you can sign up and get rewards for every box offered. You can also check out all of the flavors tha…

Valentines Day Pairings...

I am a big espresso lover. I love all flavors and varieties. If your shopping for someone like me and you are stumped here are some ideas. I love this great Valentine's Day gift for lovers :)Chocolate & Espresso what could be more perfect ?? Check out this great video from

Have a great weekend all !

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Friday Run Down 2/3/12

Are you coffee people ready for super bowl Sunday ??? I am super excited my Giants are in it and I hope they go all the way. It's going to be a great game can't wait. Hope you all have a fun & safe time wherever you are :) Here is the Friday run down ...

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Great Bread & Coffee !

I know a lot of people love to have a nice piece of toast with their coffee in the morning, afternoon, or even the evening. Over the past few years I've really overhauled my diet and completely changed out a lot of things. One being my bread. I eat only whole grain/whole wheat now. I found an amazing tasting bread. With great for you ingredients but also not a lot of calories. You have to try it out ! I am a bzzagent and have received coupons to sample. And am so happy ;) Now you can enjoy your cup of coffee with a healthy bread !!

Republic of Tea Valentine's Day Gifts

Here are a few great Valentines Day gifts for that special someone in your life who loves tea. I'm one of them are you ?

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Smarterer !