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Folgers New Filter Packs

BoOoO. Happy Halloween!! A trick for me would be waking up with no coffee !! Ahhhh ...Have a safe time all :)

Even though it seems like Keurig is taking over the world and single serve coffee in general ( you can even get single serve espresso machines) some people will not convert. And still love a pot of coffee. They love the drip coffee. Folgers has come out with a really neat way to brew easier with your drip machine, but in a single serve way. These new filter packs, let you pop them into your machine without scooping out coffee, and putting in new filters each time. Each filter holds enough for either 4-6 cups of coffee or 8-12. So you are still technically using your old school brewer, but with a slightly modern and more intelligent technology. Now all the great benefits of single serve coffee. The freshest brew every time. The perfect measurement is already done, and no clean up! Check out this demo video on the filter packs. I think these will become a hit and they will come o…

New Kcup Holders..

Morning all. How are you doing? Recently I have seen some new k cup holders out there from q.v.c and bedbathandbeyond. I have the 24kcup carousel that spins. I love the way it looks, but these are super cute too. Thinking of getting one as well. Here are the newest I've found :)

Signing off a "snowy coffee Diva " P.S. It's snowing here in NyC :)

"America's Coolest Coffeehouses "

Hello coffee peeps ! It is a very cold and rainy day here in NYC. They say it might even snow a little tonight. Nothing better than having a hot cup of coffee on a nasty day right? I had Folgers French Vanilla Biscotti Kcup. It was so good I love it. What is the weather like in you neck of the woods ?? Stay warm and dry ...
A new review from Travel & Leisure magazine. " America's coolest coffeehouses. It rates the top 27 . My home town N.Y.C is on the list. Check it out to see if yours is !

Signing off a "very cold " coffee DivA ;)

Green Mountain App

If you have an iphone, you can get an app from It is a Green Mountain kcup finder. This is really for the coffee lover !!!

Check it out and download :)

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Starbucks New Blonde Roast ..

Starbucks has been known for their dark strong bodied coffee.But now they are switching over to the light side (hoping for the saying that blondes have more fun ).Check out his video on what their thinking was behind the "blonde roast ". I think this will give Starbucks a wider coffee audience since a lot of people don't like dark roast coffee. So now there really is something for everyone at Starbucks.

Have any of you ever tried this yet ??

Signing off a " once blonde " coffee DivA ;)

Friday run down 10/21

First of all just want to give a shout out to Barista Primehouse . I received my free sample today in the mall and I can't wait to try the kcups. I will be reviewing them this week. Very much appreciated and needed (especially in this economy when money is tight and coffee really isn't something you have to buy or need). I received the sample after friending them on facebook. So be sure to click "like" on their page and you never know when they might run free samples again!

Really cool design coffee mugs :

If you think you town or community can be the next biggest fair trade supporter, then check out this link : And who knows your may be chosen !

Learn all the facts about the perfect espresso:

Sign up and get your free sample for Nescafe's n…

Drink up to support breast cancer !

Drink up and support breast cancer (p.s. studies have shown that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of breast cancer) ...

Signing off a "supported" coffee Diva

Big $10 kcup Sale !

Hello Coffee friends! Hope everyone is well. It is a very rainy, windy, nasty day here in the N.Y.C area. Yesterday was my day off, and it didn't go as well as I'd like. But I always start fresh and renewed the next day. Can't let myself stay negative long. Well here is a great sale to start the week off or end depending on your schedule :)
Log on to to get their $10 mega sale. They have newman's own decaf, Tully's Extra Bold house blend, and more. So check it out. It's a really good deal. You get 24 kcups. (Only thing is shipping unless you spend $75 or more).

What is the weather like in your area? Is it looking like fall ? And are you looking forward to all the beautiful holidays coming up ? This is my favorite time of year...

Signing off a " rainy " coffee DiVa

Green Mountain Columbian Fair Trade Review

Earlier this week I told you guys that I received a free sample box from ( & Green Mountain ). I had received the Colombian Fair Trade. Me and my husband both tried it this week and loved it. Between the flavor, and supporting local farmers and their crops, we were delighted. I usually am a big fan of Colombian coffee. I love Timothy's Decaff Colombian kcup. And now this is another Colombian I really enjoy. It is a medium roast coffee. Tastes nice and strong ( but not bitter at all). Great to have every day, or on a special occasion. I think it could hold up really nice against a dessert since it isn't flavored, and won't compete with the sweetness of cake or cookies, etc . It had a very smooth flavor. A lot of coffees put so many different notes into them, which can be good or bad. But when I drank this it was just so nice to have a really good plain coffee. I usually love french vanilla or hazelnut, but some days I want something nice and strong. This is …

Great Weekend Sale !

Hello all :) I found a great deal for you. Today on It's Java Junkie Fan weekend. (In celebration of all their fans on facebook) If you shop, you can get 10% off your next order all weekend long. Just enter coupon code 10FanFB.This is a great way to enjoy the weekend, with a discount off of kcups, and a fresh brewed cup of coffee on this beautiful windy fall day :)

Happy Shopping..

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Friday Run Down 10/14/11

Happy Friday all :) Here is this Friday's run down.. Have a great weekend. Stay dry!

Check out Folgers new single serve coffee demo .

Match the color of your tea, to the variety ..

Specials for kcups and more !

A great recipe from Lipton Tea :)

You would think we this economy that sales in coffee shops would be down. But not in our city that runs all day and all night . Check out this article on the best new shops that are opening up in Manhattan . It's great to see that small business' are moving up . Take a look at the list and stop by to support them :)

Happy Hour Sale ! Shop now , offer ends at 4pm.

Signing off a " rainy " coffee DivA

Free bzzagent Green Mountain kit..

Hello my coffee lovers! How are you today ? I am doing good. It's a nasty chilly day here in N.Y.C but I love the cool weather. . .
So I have signed up on, and I'm a bzzagent. Which pretty much means I am sent campaigns to review and try. It's a really great website. I've already gotten makeup, and high heel insoles. Yesterday I received my Green Mountain kit. They sent a free box of kcups ( Colombian Fair trade) , and a sampler pack of a few different varieties as well. Then all you do is share your opinions about the product whether you like or not, and you get a bunch of coupons as well for kcup packs ( which is a big help ). So log on to bzzagent and sign up, you never know what free things you might receive :) Green Mountain definitely rocks too. They always are giving away free samples on facebook. So be sure to "like" them.

What's in your cup today ? Me, French Vanilla Fair trade from Target .

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Friday Run Down 10/7/11

Seems like every week the weekends come faster and fast. Especially now, In October. After Halloween it is just a sleigh ride into the holidays lol. Well here is the Friday run down : Enjoy !!

More and more reasons why coffee is good for you ! ( From Tiki Hut Coffee on FB )

Buy 1 pack of 50 Keurig K-Cups and Shipping is FREE !

Coffee News about Fair Trade to read up on !

Have a great weekend. And remember to smile, It's national smile day :)

Art & Coffee

Are you an art lover beside just being a coffee fanatic ? Well me too. I love all things beautiful. I guess partly that I am a make up artist I am drawn to color. Color in every form. I appreciate the green trees outside my window. A painting in a museum. Or now an intricate design on my cup of coffee. Illy is one of the most renowned coffee brands in Europe and they are bringing art & coffee together for a powerful fusion.
These cups were designed by Neapolitan world traveler Francesco Clemente. They are so fantastic. Each cup and saucer goes together as if they were attached. Such vibrant colors to match the bold flavors of Illy coffee. These would be a great treat in any ones kitchen. They are available online ( for a very high price tag , but again it is like a work of art) They would make you smile instantly and make you stop and remember the small things in life are the most special .. ...

For purchase :…

What Fair Trade Really Means..

I know you all have probably seen every where now a days " fair trade " . Especially with coffee. And you might be wondering exactly what it means. Well fair trade is a very good thing. It means that the farmers were given a fair price for their harvest. That in turn means that you are helping a community develop by buying their product. That lets the farmers also make the best product possible. In this case, the best, most fresh coffee. Green Mountain is one of the biggest coffee companies that supports fair trade. They have over 25 varieties of fair trade coffee. Log on to facebook and friend Green Mountain, then click on the tab " fair trade " to read all about it. But be sure to show your support and purchase the coffee too ! Green Mountain is one of my favorite brands of Kcups. I love every one of their flavors.It makes me feel good that in some way I am helping a community far away. If you are ever lost, just look for the picture above. That is the fair trade…

I've gone pink for Breast Cancer

Happy Weekend all. Today is the first day of October, and as most of you probably know October is breast cancer awareness month. So many women are effected by this. I am posting my blog all month long in pink as just a small gesture of respect . This is to my two aunts who battled the disease and died. To every one else I know struggling. For my sister,my mother,my future daughter, my self and the future. There is Hope & Love. And I am sending it your way....

If anyone would like to share any stores on here please feel free to xoxo

Signing off a " coffee Diva "