Friday Run-Down 9/16

Another weekend is here people! I don't know but the weeks fly by. Today and this past week was such a busy week for me as usual. I feel very run down. But I'd rather feel like that then do nothing ! So here is the Friday Run down ...

Do you love blogs ? Well then you will want to check out tikihutcoffee's new blog.

Well I am not the only coffee reviewer out there. Check out Van Houtte's own Na'eem, and his take on the latest from Van Houtte. always has a sale. And today it is on Green Mountain "our blend" Kcups. $22.39 for a pack of 48. So stock up now !

Coffee People's "organic" is exactlly what it reads. 100% organic. Stop by at to check out their review for Organic.

Looking to try a new espresso ? Something bold ? Well then Ethiopian coffee could be for you. Check out this review to see if it is for you or not .

Tonight Green mountain will be working with others to help people who were effected by hurricane Irene. You can buy tickets to help here.

Check out a great deal of the week from the best manufacturer products at It's a video so enjoy :)

If you shop with you can get a free sample of purevia with your purchase. Check out the details !

Have a great weekend !

Signing off a " tired coffee " Diva


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