Friday Run Down 6/24/11

T.G.I.F to all :) I have been feeling great thank god. I am back to my healthy routine of working out 1/ 2 times a day, eating healthy, mediating, etc. I hope you are all having a beautiful week. Here is the Friday run down of all things coffee:

Log on to SLO's facebook page and enter to win free roasted coffee in celebration of " Fair Trade Friday " :)

Log on to for some coffee art inspiration !

Log on to and check out their blog on 10 facts about coffee you may not know ! ( Very interesting )

Learn more about an interesting tea you might not have heard of from Republic of Tea :

Shop at for all your favorite Wolfgang Puck Kcups , because they are back in stock!

Log on to and see how they are being eco friendly. They are making their carbon footprint 20% less with every cup . " Click on ecolaboration" to read up .

Log on to and shop for "flavia " coffee and tea .

Check out this great video from the coffee experts at on how to make a beautiful " layered latte "

Have a great weekend Signing off a" coffee diva "


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