Timothy's Columbian Decaf Kcup Review

Happy Weekend Edition Coffee lovers ! I have a new kcup review for you. It's Timothy's Columbian Decaf. I tried this kcup with my sampler pack when I first got my keuig and loved it. Why I loved it right away, was you don't even know you are drinking decaf. It is just a nice full bodied cup of Columbian coffee. I really don't like decaf and I only drink it certain times of the month when I can't have caffeine. Sometime's I'm ok and I just drink my herbal tea, but then sometime's I miss my cafe' and that's where Timothy's Columbian comes to save my life ! I drink it with just a splash of half n half. It's not bitter. No trace of that " decaf taste" you usually get with ground coffee or instant YUCK. It just has a nice strong flavor. There are a lot of decaf flavored kcups out there I just have never tried them yet. And I haven't had any good luck with decaf bag coffee so this is just one of my go to favorites. I hadn't had it in a while, and then I bought it when I did a kcup haul a few weeks ago at bed bath and beyond. I said to myself I better pick this one up. And sure enough I had one yesterday and two today already ! You will love it whether you like just a nice cup of columbian, or you like decaf. I give it 4 coffee cups out of 5. Definitely would recommend.

So how is everyone's Sunday going? Mine is dreary and rainy here in N.Y.C. But I am feeling really great. I am cleaning my whole house. I have the windows open since it is warmer. I love fresh rain air while you clean. I just feel so cleansed when I do this ritual. I also listen to relaxing new age music to help me stay zen and positive :) Have a great weekend all

Signing off a 'decaf coffee ' diva
P.S. Let me know what is your favorite decaf coffee ??


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