The Friday round up !!!

My friday afternoon delight :) Aren't these cups adorable ? I got them at Pier 1 imports for espresso ...Hope everyone is having a great week. I am! I had two great days with my husband. We went to the city. Did dinner, shopping flowers, driving, the whole nine. I saw where he works. Great area, very proud of him . What are your plans for the weekend ??? Here's the Friday round up .....All things coffee

Check out on Monday for special Tax deals on kcups :)

Check out for the best recipe contest involving "coffee" !

Check out the new KitchenAid coffee comercial:

iLLy reports today is "espresso italiano day " . I had mine today, if you want to be Italian too here is how to make the perfect cup !

Signing off a ' happy " coffee DivA


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