Orange Blossom TAZO Tea Review

As I have written before, not only being a coffee diva, I also love tea. Lately I have been stepping my game up, and really trying to find some beautifully flavored teas. Recently I placed an order on I had a gift card. So I ordered the Vanilla Natural Infusions Coffee. And the Tazo Orange Blossom Tea.
I steeped a nice pot yesterday night that I was feeling run down. And in the winter/fall months I love to drink tea at night. It's so soothing. And healthy for your mind and body. You just can't go wrong. Well this Tazo tea was the Cadillac of teas ! It made Lipton look ( and taste) like crap lol! The flavor is just beautiful. That is the perfect word to describe the tea. Beautiful . The smell is to die for. You get the scent of fresh Jasmine. And the taste is very light and refreshing. Which is probably the orange blossom. No bitterness, or after taste ( that some time's teas do have like coffee). And the presentation is to die for. You get this huge tin can. . And tells you to relax and enjoy the tea on the writing. Then describes all of the ingredients. Green tea, orange blossom, tangerine peel, jasmine. The tea bag is see through and is in a fancier satchel then paper tea you get from the grocery store. You can literally see the full tea leaves in the satchel. And smell them. You know you are getting the best, most fresh tea leaves you can get your hands on. The tin was $6.95. Which I think is good. It's about $4.00 for a "specialty tea" at the grocery store. So for two bucks more you get a mini vacation with this tea . You can order them through as well as other specialty stores. I give it 5 tea cups out of 5. I even brewed the hot water straight from my keurig into my tea pot. It says steep 3 minutes. Which I did. It was just the best tea I've ever drank in my life. I want to buy every flavor from Tazo now that I am in love with this brand and their high quality. You have to try!!

Signing off a "tea " diva


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