Coffee news & catching up

Happy Monday all ! I know you have missed me over the weekend, and this Saturday was my 25th birthday so I was pretty busy. I am very proud the young woman I have turned into and all I have accomplished . I have my own career as a makeup artist. I have my own beauty website. My own coffee blog. I have many activities I am into. I have my own apartment. I am married ! NO KIDS, I am very happy and excited I have another 80 years god willing to do more things in life :)
So here are a few going's on with coffee and everything in the sun in between. . Have a great positive happy and loving week. And it is corny, but being positive has really helped me get through some negativity that was tried to throw my happy family off, but it never happened. I love all my family and in laws. Nothing will ever change !
8 o clock has a promotion going on now, if you say which coffee best describes your personality ( just comment on their facebook page ) by 3/31/11 and you are in the running for a free bag !

Spring clearance on

Donut blend on sale:

Signing off " a year older " coffee Diva ;)


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