I am almost at 2,000 views !

Happy Friday coffee lovers ! I hope your week was as productive as mine. Today was very beautiful here in NY. It felt like spring. Just nice fresh air. Today I took the time to paint a few walls in my living room. Ultra white. To go against a red accent wall I have across from it. My colors in my living room are gray/white/black/ red. All complimenting each other. So literally from 1:30 until 4:30 I have been painting. I took a break now ( dizzy from the fumes lol) to rest. What are your plans for this weekend? Hitting up any new coffee shops? I have shopping, nails, cleaning, working, etc. Well all this week I have been off the caffeine ( hormones). And the two decaf coffee's I usually drink , just weren't cutting it this week. I miss the taste of regular coffee. The decaf just tastes horrible to me. The only decaf I truly liked was the Timothy's decaf Columbian kcup. Are you like me and certain" times of the month" you are supposed to lay off the caffeine ? But it just stinks you can't find a good decaf you like? Well I wish I had my timothy's decaf Columbian I swear you wouldn't even know the difference. I gotta stock up on those!! The two decaf coffee reviews I did in my blog earlier I thought I liked them but then this week, not so much. I guess it just my taste buds this week lol.. Again note to self stock up on decaf kcups !!! Pronto !!

Well I am almost at 2,000 views guys thank you so much for reading :) )

Have a great weekend..

Signing off a very "painted and un-caffeinated" diva


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