Having a bad day.. with coffee that is..

Let me just start off saying this really bothers me being that I am an Emeril Lagasse fan. But I'm sorry to review that this is the second time I am trying his "big easy bold " and I could not even drink it this time either. I had tried this one before at my mom's house when she first got her Keurig, and they had this kcup in the sampler pack. Well she hated it, and I tried it and could not drink it. Now I don't know if it's a southern thing since Emeril is from New Orleans, because it can't be that the coffee is strong. I love strong coffee. And if any of you have read my blog you know I love strong coffee and I drink espresso every afternoon. But I don't like bitter, and this tastes like you are eating coffee out of the can. It just has the weirdest flavor. I even tried it today with hazelnut creamer to try and dilute the flavor, couldn't finish it. So I'm giving this kcup a 0 cups out of 5 sorry! I even tried a newman's own kcup after with the hazelnut and didn't like it . I think it was the special flavor. I have to try it again without the flavored hazelnut. Today just isn't my day for coffee lol. Did you guys ever try this kcup ? Ironically the big easy bold one has like pretty high ratings...

Well Signing off a very "unhappy" coffee diva :(


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