Free coffee every Wednesday !!!

Yesterday I was googling like I'm sure everyone does everyday. I stumbled upon this great website that has a list of all kinds of great stuff going on around the city. Free wine tasting, free coffee , free museum admission, etc. I looked it up for N.Y.C and found this one place called Organique that offers free coffee all day on Wednesdays. This is an awesome deal, and a great way for them to get some more new customers. Me and my hubby are going to try it out. It works out great because he has off Wednesdays/Thursdays. So I am super excited!!! So you guys check it out and maybe they have some free things in your area as well :)
So question of the day in honor of Football Sunday who are you rooting for ? Well my favorite team the Giants are out of it. But I refuse to root for the Jets just because I am from NY. I think they are a dirty team. They are the most UN-professional in the league. They have no sportsmanship. They talk and try to rile up the other team. Just so tacky. So I will be rooting for the Patriots . They are a better team anyway.
Also I had Hartford reserve coffee today Kona blend. I reviewed it in October and gave it 3 coffee cups but wasn't in love with it. And everytime I would drink it I really didn't enjoy it. And today I added pumpkin spice creamer and I just did not like it either. It's watery. I'm dropping it back to a 1/2 2 coffee cups. My hubby likes it but I think it's weak... so that's my drink and review for the day I hope you guy find a free coffee tasting and love it !

signing off a "helpful" coffee diva


  1. I have been looking for a good Kona coffee blend for my single cup coffee maker but so far haven't found one as good as the Kona coffee I get when I am in Hawaii.

    Any suggestions?


  2. Hi Penny thank you for writing and reading first off :) Second, do you have a Keurig ? If you do have you ever tried Tully's Kona blend? It's very good and it's extra bold. I find that some Kona blend coffee's are not as full bodied. But this one definitely packs some flavor ! Let me know I can recommend a few more as well ...



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