Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Folgers French Vanilla Biscotti review...

I had reviewed this coffee before in the bag form, and I Loved it. Now (thank god) everything is coming out in the Kcup form for Keurig . Folgers has their new kcup collection as well. For the gourmet line, they have Colombian, black silk,and vanilla biscotti. Vanilla Biscotti is the kcup I tried and I love it. IT has a vanilla flavor but it is blended so well with the coffee. Usually french vanilla is too watery, or too sweet. But since this is Vanilla Biscotti, it just gives it such a great flavor. I drink this any time of day. Especially at night, when I'm in the mood for something sweet you know. I give it 5 cups out of 5. They are just as good as the bag, and any other gourmet KCup. So definitely try it and let me know if you like it?

question of the day .. are you a last minute person ? 

Signing off a very "prompt" Coffee Diva

Monday, November 8, 2010

It's like a junior mint coffee !

OK here's another new review for you guys ! If you love junior mints then you are going to love this new coffee milk creamer! 
I tried this last night with a decaf Colombian blend coffee. (that was a new coffee also I have to review  lol) I added just 2 tbsp of the milk and mixed it up. It looked very dark. But I tasted it and loved it!! It tasted like a junior mint coffee. It was just a hint of mint, not too much. The coffee was just really rich from the chocolate. It's a great treat at the end of the night, instead of eating cookies or chips or something bad with a lot of calories. This has only 35 calories ( some even come fat free or sugar free).
And you can get your daily "indulgence" without really eating lol.
These are limited edition's and only come out for the holidays, in certain stores. So, you might have a problem getting them :(. I got mine at the local path mark . ( p.s. i still didn't even finish my pumpkin spice holiday edition lol) I am such a coffee diva with so many coffee blends, espresso's, and flavored milk. It literally is like a Starbucks in here :) .. Well I give it like 3 1/2 cups out of 5. You definitely have to try this. Oh and bonus it was only $1.66 on sale at Path mark, which made this deal even more 'sweet'. If you have a lot of company for the holidays , or if it just you and your hubby like me, you can make home made whip cream and blend it   up, or put a dollop on top of the coffee and add a candy cane to make it really look gourmet :) ..Also you could make it iced if you live somewhere warm like Florida, and I'm sure it would taste just as fabulous !!

Well let me know if you guys ever tasted this one before ?? And question do you guys make "holiday drinks" this time of year? Do you start now, early like me and it helps to really get you in the mood with a holiday coffee and a holiday movie??

Signing off A "minty" Coffee Diva 

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Green Mountain Gingerbread KCUP Review

So, I guess just like in life, I have a lot of high expectations that at times let me down. I think this kcup will fall under that category. I was expecting better from my favorite Kcup brand ever. And I don't know what it was,  it just didn't do anything spectacular for me. Maybe I was expecting something more sweet from the name? It was a good cup of coffee don't get me wrong.I drank the whole mug.  Medium bodied roast.But to me, it Didn't have any gingerbread flavoring though.. more nutmeg. ( Unless that's what a gingerbread tastes like lol). I just wanted something more sweet. So again, maybe it wasn't the kcup, or the gingerbread , but more what I was in the mood for. Another thing, it kind of reminded me of the pumpkin spice kcup but with just a slight variation. So that was weird too. Because I've never tasted two that were the same in the Green Mountain kcup line. And for that I could just drink the pumpkin spice I have you know.. My mom had given me just a few to try from her Limited Edition Green Mountain Holiday pack. It came about 48 kcups. It was about $24.99 at Bedbathandbeyond, plus my mom had a $5 coupon ( of course lol) so it was about $20. Great deal. But she didn't really like the gingerbread either, so she was kind of regretting buying the whole variety pack that she really only liked one flavor. The other 3 flavors were spicy eggnog, french toast ( which rocked and literally tastes like it although hubby didn't like weird)and holiday blend. So I will be reviewing the others as well throughout the holiday season. I have so many reviews to do so bare with me. ....So to wrap up my story I'd give this kcup 3 mugs out of 5. ..But I will give it another go just to make sure next time. 
My question is have you guys started stocking up on holiday coffee and kcups yet ??

Signing off a "jolly" coffee Diva I love the holiday season!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

I've hit 1,000 views !!!!

Thank you guys so much for reading, and blogging, and messaging me ! My blog has officially hit 1,000 views and gone international. I have viewers in Japan & Europe. I want to get to 2,000 views, and so on and so on. 
I have been loving your feedback, and it is nice to meet new people who love the same things I do
especially a great cup of  coffee :) So here's to you guys and another 1,000 views !!!

Signing off A "thousand" Coffee Diva

Friday, November 5, 2010

New Reviews coming soon..

Hello my coffee people :) How is everyone's November going so far? Mine is great. I am feeling more and more positive everyday. My diet took a turn for the worst the past week ( damn hormones).But I am back on track now. No biggie. It's always good to indulge right? lol.  My life is drama free. I truly only surround myself with a few people ( the ones who treat me great). When I just focus on my family, my life goes great. And it is ! It's almost a month left for the wedding, I am nervous/ excited at the same time. Still a bunch of things to do so I am still a little worried. But a good worried. . . Well I try and stay positive by reading Feng shui books while having a great cup of coffee:) . They have intelligent sayings that keep me motivated. I write a quote a day on Facebook in the morning to inspire me. So many people have used Facebook so negatively. But for me it is just be for fun. And keeping in touch with my relatives. ....
I have a few new coffee's to review. One is a new Decaf my mother in law gave me . I think it's Columbian, and another 2 k cups to review. So I will be posting this week on new reviews.. I am almost at 1,000 views so I am so excited . My page even has international viewers! So ciao to everyone around the world ! 

How do you guys stay motivated or inspired? Does your diet ever go haywire? It is so hard to find the strength now a days for anything positive so how do you guys do it ? 

Signing off a "positively inspired" Coffee Diva

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It's my favorite time of year again :)

Well, it seems to be that time of year again. I can't believe a whole year has gone by again. So much has changed in my life. More for the good ( coming from bad). Me and my fiance' are finally getting married on December 11th 2010. It will be the best day of my life, I can't wait. Anthony proposed to me December 24th 2006. I knew he was my soul mate then. We waited until the time was right to plan a nice wedding. It will be beautiful, cozy and romantic. And now every Holiday season will have double meaning since we will be married in December.. No matter what was going on in our lives over the past years, even when we had nothing, we still made the best of the holidays, and it always brought us great memories. And with the new year, the promise of better.  And each year that is what happens. I do not know where 2011 will lead us. Maybe to Florida, maybe even somewhere else. All I know is Anthony is the most wonderful man I've ever met. He's kind and generous. Romantic,  A provider. Determined, motivated, loving. I feel so excited knowing as long as Anthony is my husband I will always be loved, happy, and have an adventure. Because Anthony never stops. He loves to work hard and give me a good life. . And as do I for him.. 
That being said .. 
Do you guys feel the same way about the holidays? Or are they more sad for you. I know the holidays have the highest suicide rate. Well I have some Kenny G Holiday songs on now on my Itunes , and I'm putting out Christmas decorations here and there. I always put up my tree and stuff after Halloween to get the most of the Holidays. I want to do it this week, because with all the wedding planning I don't even know when I'll have time to do anything. Well I wish you all happy start of the holidays, and whatever your wishes and dreams are, don't give up. Make them happy. Don't settle. I never did and now I have my dream man, my dream wedding, my dream life. And I'm only 24 so I have so much more to accomplish. I am very lucky. .. So may you all have a beautiful loving holiday with yourself, or your families :) 

My coffee of the day same as yesterday New England Hazelnut Creme'

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