I've died and gone to heaven...

OK, I know I am partial to most Kcups because I have really loved every kcup I've tried. Keurig is amazing, but there is yet again another gem of a coffee that I have recently tried. Donut House Chocolate glazed Donut Kcup. . My mom had just bought the box , and told me to try it. Well it literally tastes like a chocolate donut is in your coffee mug! Can you get any better than that. It is great if you are dieting, or eating healthy like me. Instead of actually eating a donut, or dessert at night, just brew a fresh cup of choc donut right in your cup. It will
I give it 4 coffee cups out of 5!
satisfy you for no calories !!! I love it. It's medium bodied, with no aftertaste, or bitterness what so ever. You can purchase on greemountain.com, or keurig.com. Please try this you will love it!

Today's coffee of choice was a french vanilla latte from dunkin donuts...

signing off a coffee diva


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