Dark Chocolate Truffle Coffee from Gevalia

Dark Chocolate Truffle Coffee from Gevalia

If you guys relish chocolate as much as I do, and you relish coffee as much as I do.. Putting these two beautiful things together can only be one world. MAGICAL. I have to order this from Gevalia a.s.a.p but this probably is great in the winter time. When it is cold, and you want a little indulgence in your life ( without the calories) . It is only $6.95 for such quality coffee. I have only tried one Gevalia coffee so far but I rave about it all the time . So I am hopeful I will love all of their other many varieties. If anyone has tried this Gevalian blend, please sign up and let me know how good it is. Also Gevalia.com for purchase, or check out the great reviews on their facebook page. .

Today's choice of coffee is Timothy's Decaff Colombian. Love it so strong and tasty. You wouldn't even know it was Decaff if I told you :) 5 coffee cups...

Signing off A coffee Diva !


  1. Hm...I would probably give this either to my mom or my cousin. My mom likes coffee, so she may have a taste for the other flavors. Then my cousin would just really like the warmth and downtime.
    Gevalia Coffee

  2. Hi Arvin! Thanks for writing ! Oh that's great . I am glad that you found one that would be perfect for your family :) Nothing like sharing things we love with the people we love. I hope you find some more things for your family!

    Come back soon !

  3. Let me know what your mom and cousin's favorite coffee is so I can post some great stuff for them..:)


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