Monday, August 30, 2010

Glad it's over....

I don't know about you guys but I've had the worst Summer ever ! I don't know why so many things seemed "emotional" this summer. Maybe it's the regular day to day stresses, bills, drama etc. Maybe i'm getting nervous my life is changing that I'm getting married in 3 months. Maybe because My dad had surgery for the third time and was nerve wracking thinking if he'd be ok the third time around...
I'm a person who is in my mind so much, and I know I shouldn't be .. but I do it anyway..
I'm just really looking to move in January and I can only see that, so I fear if it doesn't happen before it has even taken it's course. So many dreams have let me down already, and I don't want this one to be let down as well..
I guess it's just a lot I'm going through. And the past three years I've been through so many things I could never imagine. Or prepare for. Sometime's I feel alone that no one has really given me the credit I deserve after dealing with all of these "grown up things", and on top of it on my own.. I'm only human to have hard times, or breakdowns, I just wish people would understand me more and not judge me, I've just been traumatized . ... I'm not the same person because it's 4 years later. And my views have changed. I've seen life in a different way. I've seen my family in a different light. My whole being has been completely changed. Good or bad who's to say ? It might not be the same Jennifer people want, but for me I'm still proud of her. All her flaws and nerodic ways..
Well this week will be a new month, a new year literally and I hope it brings great things. That's all I can ever do is keep Hoping right..

My coffee of the day was a new ground kona blend i found at pathmark. I will be reviewing it this week, and if anyone's going through the same things, please leave a message :) And ur not alone I am right there with you !

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Coffee and Alzheimer's - Nutrition News - Nutrition Made Easy - Photos -

Coffee and Alzheimer's - Nutrition News - Nutrition Made Easy - Photos -

Every day there are so many new claims on how coffee is so healthy for you. If you drink it right ( not the fattening starbucks way lol). Here is yet another claim on how coffee is " a brain food" for you !

2 cups today Island coconut kcup, green mountain extra bold sumatran blend :)
Hey it's my day off :)

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Was expecting more... :(

Well I was so excited to try my next box of Gevalia gourmet coffee Vanilla Nut, because I had loved the decaff creme' brulee so much. I tried it at first with no sugar, and it was ok, but I thought it could use a drop of sugar. Then I drank the cup, and was still kind of dissapointed. A lot of people said this was a good one. I think I was expecting something sweeter maybe thinking it was more of a french vanilla flavoring. It says it has a nutty flavor and smell to it. I don't know it tasted to nutty for me. I wasn't really crazy about it. I will keep trying it to make it work. And I will not give up on Gevalia. It's only normal some I will love some I won't. I give it about 21/2 3 coffee cups out of 5. I still have one more box to try after this. The espresso blend. .. I shall let you know after I put more sugar next time maybe how it is if it gets any better.. Please comment if you've tried this coffee ...
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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fall blends are coming out soon!!!!

Log on to, then go to Green Mountain's fan page, because they have the exact date for the fall flavors for kcups and ground coffee. OMG I can't wait. I love fall/winter. My favorite time of year. You can order online and they are in some select stores. So go on friend them/like them and check it out. I put i'm attending lol. I never got a chance to try any of the fall/winter flavors because I bought mine in the end of december. Well my fiance' bought it for me for Christmas. So I am super duper excited that I am a Keurig fanatic! Let me know if you guys tried any of the fall/winter flavors I'd love to hear your reviews. And sign up on here and follow me :)

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Dark Chocolate Truffle Coffee from Gevalia

Dark Chocolate Truffle Coffee from Gevalia

If you guys relish chocolate as much as I do, and you relish coffee as much as I do.. Putting these two beautiful things together can only be one world. MAGICAL. I have to order this from Gevalia a.s.a.p but this probably is great in the winter time. When it is cold, and you want a little indulgence in your life ( without the calories) . It is only $6.95 for such quality coffee. I have only tried one Gevalia coffee so far but I rave about it all the time . So I am hopeful I will love all of their other many varieties. If anyone has tried this Gevalian blend, please sign up and let me know how good it is. Also for purchase, or check out the great reviews on their facebook page. .

Today's choice of coffee is Timothy's Decaff Colombian. Love it so strong and tasty. You wouldn't even know it was Decaff if I told you :) 5 coffee cups...

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

1,000 Subscribers Giveaway

Sign up guys and be entered to win from Jason Coffee from coffeecupnews :) Love them !

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another coffee goodie :)

Yes I have found yet another great coffee website, with giveaways, reviews, blogs, just like all of us out here in cyberblogland are doing lol. It looks really cool and I friend-ed them on Facebook as well. Looks like they had good giveaways and videos. So I will be checking it out and I posted their website domain. So you guys do the same and give me some feedback on if you liked them or not :) Have a great day, so far not coffee, but I'm thinking iced for this hot muggy dreary new york august afternoon .. Also anyone else feeling down lately ? I don't know why but I have been. So share your stories, and maybe we can cheer each other up :)

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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sign up please :)

Just wanted to say to all of my followers, please sign up and follow me. The more people the better. Don't just stand on the sidelines , if you like what you see sign up. It costs nothing, and won't bother you. I've noticed people do look, so just sign up , then you can read and be loyal to me too ....Thank you !

Thursday, August 5, 2010

How do YOU take it ?

So when the heat gets up there, (like today it was about 93' in N.Y.C) do you like to have iced coffee? Or are you a seasoned coffee pro that drinks it straight up hot even in this crazy heat ? Well today since I had the A/C on, I wasn't that hot so I had my new Green Mountain Extra Bold Sumatran Reserve Coffee. And it was slamming ! It was very strong , but not bitter at all. I would drink this coffee every day. I loved it and so did my fiance' Anthony . We give it 5 full coffee cups out of 5 ! We're trying to train ourselves to drink in the heat so when we move to Florida in 2 years, we'll be ready to enjoy any time we want hot. Or if we do want iced, that too ! So comment in and let me know how you take it ( ok I know that sounds dirty but it's not lol)

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Seasonal Coffee Flavors from Gevalia

Seasonal Coffee Flavors from Gevalia

Omg I so have to get "pumpkin spice" for the holiday/fall season. I think the end of September I will order it if it's available and "german chocolate" for all time of year lol. I really love Gevalia's coffee. Grant it I only tried the Decaff Creme' Brulee , but I LOVE it and I use it in my Keurig Kcup filter, and it comes out perfect every time :) So log online and order some up if you have a Keurig, or not. You won't be disappointed.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Keurig is on sale !

Keurig's Mac daddy platinum machine is on easy pay now if you log on to You will get the best deal you can get anywhere for that machine. It comes with 48kcups, the kcup filter, water filter, easy pay, cheaper price. So log on and check it out if you were looking to buy one! I think I will upgrade from my mini to this one in the winter time :)

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