I need more Kcups.. No I'm not an addict..

So yeah I usually make sure I have a few boxes of kcups in my arsenal to always be prepared. Over the past few months, I also stocked up on a lot of ground coffee to use in my kcup filter, to kind of space out the kcups. Now I feel like I went down from like 6 boxes of coffee and tea, to maybe 2 boxes. I still have a lot of ground coffee. Starbucks, gevalia, folgers gourmet, etc. So I'm definitely feeling in the mood to stock it up again. I'm thinking some of the new summer blends, or the new iced coffee kcups that are new. Just to last me from now until September/October time. Then I could stock up again in the fall with the great fall/winter time favorites. I purchase my keurig mini last Christmas so I didn't really have a chance to use any seasonal blends because I had already purchased it. Anywhoo I can't wait. Fall and winter time are m y favorite time's of year. Brings back great memories. And happy feelings. It's always a nice time for me, even if bad things are going on. I would always pull it together, and make a nice Christmas for me and my fiancee'. So here are some of the new ones I want to try... Are you guys looking for new kcups to get ? If so which ones do you fancy ? I'd love to know.....

*Gloria Jeans Cappuccino
*Wolf gang Puck blends
*Iced French Vanilla
*Anything Green mountain I never tried lol
*Green mountain Summer blend

Signing off A coffee Diva


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