Amazon is the place to order...

I am like uuber excited becaue I finally ordered my bodum pavina double wall thermo glasses set of 2 . They are 8.5 oz. Perfect for any iced drink, or coffee. Which is why I wanted to buy them! They are $14.99 for a set o 2 on which really isn't bad. The other websites were even more. I can't wait. Ever since I bought my Keurig i wanted to buy "clear mugs" so you can see when the coffee or tea brews into the cup. I also got a box of KCUPS to go with it. Of course I will be reviewing everything when I receive it! Can't 'wait that just made my day :) ... So log on to and do your coffee shopping there. They have tons of stuff , and great deals. I would know, I look everywhere lol ... Hope you guys are having a great weekend, I miss my fiance' ;(

Signing of A coffee Diva
Coffee of day: Newman's own extra bold organic 5 coffee cups for me love it :)


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