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K Cup Coffee - Pumpkin Pie 'Coffee Review'

This is Jason from he has a blog.. he does video's and give a ways. I've even won free coffee from his live webcast. He is just adorable . He loves coffee, isn't a snob at all. That's why I think he's so sweet. Here's a review I found today I thought people might enjoy for the holidays in case you are eating some pumpkin pies :) ... Enjoy and happy holidays ..

Signing off the Very happy and Festive Coffee Diva :)

K Cup Coffee - Pumpkin Pie 'Coffee Review'

This is Jason from he has a blog.. he does video's and give a ways. I've even won free coffee from his live webcast. He is just adorable . He loves coffee, isn't a snob at all. That's why I think he's so sweet. Here's a review I found today I thought people might enjoy for the holidays in case you are eating some pumpkin pies :) ... Enjoy and happy holidays ..

Signing off the Very happy and Festive Coffee Diva :)

Brikka Brewing Revisited

For all of my viewers that have a Brikka and are still trying to figure it out.. here are some videos...

Bad review.....

Hello my coffee people! Today I will be reviewing Green Mountain's Hot apple cider K-cup. There is not much to write about this review other than yuck! I just upgraded to the Platinum edition Keurig brewer and had received a box of hot apple cider kcups. I tried it and hated it. I won't even give it one coffee cup! It's weird because I love apples, and apple juice. And they say it tastes just like that. All natural . Yeah right ! I guess I just dig the cider thing. My husband never tried this yet, so I will post if he happens to like this. But I really doubt it!
Sorry Green Mountain, but you did me wrong this time !

My question of the day .. Do you like hot apple cider? If you do, do you drink it all winter? Or only the holidays..??

Signing off a Disappointed Coffee Diva

P.S if you have any good holiday cupcake or cookie recipe's write to me. I'm having my in-laws over this week so we were gonna do a nice girls bake day !! Ok keep reading and posting and sign up to…

Hot apple cider ?? YUCK !!

New coffee pages, and holiday questions ?????.....

A new page I stumbled upon on face book is called " Daily Shot of Coffee" . It has funny posts, great tips on coffee, and really good contests. Here is the link. Like them and you never know what you might win !!

So what is everyone drinking for the Holidays ? Do you serve specialty coffee's around the holidays ?? Or are you more a hot chocolate kind of person ? Me and my hubby Like a bit of both. With the Keurig coffee brewer you can literally do anything. We just upgrading to the big Platinum edition brewer. It is fabulous and looks it too...

My two cups of the day were 8 o clock coffee french roast with pumpkin pie spice creamer.
My second cup of coffee was Starbucks natural infusions caramel/ with half and half.
They were both quite yummy, I liked the Starbucks better...

Well hoping to get to 2,000 viewers soon so keep reading, commenting, and signing up to follow me thanks :)

Signing off a Mrs. Coffee Diva !

The Shoffee Blog: Ethical Bean Coffee Makes the List of Oprah's Favorite Things

The Shoffee Blog: Ethical Bean Coffee Makes the List of Oprah's Favorite Things

All the rage is about Organic/Ethical, whether food or now coffee. Ethical coffee's are better to buy because they are in their purest form and they come fair trade, which means they pair the workers fair money , and provide jobs. So it all helps the circle of life. Here is one that was on Oprah's favorite things. Must be good to try if the big O likes it lol !

I'm back...

Hi guys! To all of my weekly coffee lover readers... I am officially back. I had recently gotten married and was on my honeymoon for the week. ( As well as being at my mom's house for the month wedding planning). So I am freshly rejuvenated, and ready to roll. I will be back to reviewing by tomorrow or maybe even today if I have a chance. So sit tight and grab that cup of coffee because it's freezing out, and it's the holidays so now is when we need our Christmas cheer ;) 

Signing off A very MARRIED coffee Diva ;))

Folgers French Vanilla Biscotti review...

I had reviewed this coffee before in the bag form, and I Loved it. Now (thank god) everything is coming out in the Kcup form for Keurig . Folgers has their new kcup collection as well. For the gourmet line, they have Colombian, black silk,and vanilla biscotti.Vanilla Biscotti is the kcup I tried and I love it. IT has a vanilla flavor but it is blended so well with the coffee. Usually french vanilla is too watery, or too sweet. But since this is Vanilla Biscotti, it just gives it such a great flavor. I drink this any time of day. Especially at night, when I'm in the mood for something sweet you know. I give it 5 cups out of 5. They are just as good as the bag, and any other gourmet KCup. So definitely try it and let me know if you like it?
question of the day .. are you a last minute person ? 

Signing off a very "prompt" Coffee Diva

It's like a junior mint coffee !

OK here's another new review for you guys ! If you love junior mints then you are going to love this new coffee milk creamer! 
I tried this last night with a decaf Colombian blend coffee. (that was a new coffee also I have to review  lol) I added just 2 tbsp of the milk and mixed it up. It looked very dark. But I tasted it and loved it!! It tasted like a junior mint coffee. It was just a hint of mint, not too much. The coffee was just really rich from the chocolate. It's a great treat at the end of the night, instead of eating cookies or chips or something bad with a lot of calories. This has only 35 calories ( some even come fat free or sugar free).
And you can get your daily "indulgence" without really eating lol.
These are limited edition's and only come out for the holidays, in certain stores. So, you might have a problem getting them :(. I got mine at the local path mark . ( p.s. i still didn't even finish my pumpkin spice holiday edition lol) I am such a c…

Green Mountain Gingerbread KCUP Review

So, I guess just like in life, I have a lot of high expectations that at times let me down. I think this kcup will fall under that category. I was expecting better from my favorite Kcup brand ever. And I don't know what it was,  it just didn't do anything spectacular for me. Maybe I was expecting something more sweet from the name? It was a good cup of coffee don't get me wrong.I drank the whole mug.  Medium bodied roast.But to me, it Didn't have any gingerbread flavoring though.. more nutmeg. ( Unless that's what a gingerbread tastes like lol). I just wanted something more sweet. So again, maybe it wasn't the kcup, or the gingerbread , but more what I was in the mood for. Another thing, it kind of reminded me of the pumpkin spice kcup but with just a slight variation. So that was weird too. Because I've never tasted two that were the same in the Green Mountain kcup line. And for that I could just drink the pumpkin spice I have you know.. My mom had given m…

I've hit 1,000 views !!!!

Thank you guys so much for reading, and blogging, and messaging me ! My blog has officially hit 1,000 views and gone international. I have viewers in Japan & Europe. I want to get to 2,000 views, and so on and so on. 
I have been loving your feedback, and it is nice to meet new people who love the same things I do
especially a great cup of  coffee :) So here's to you guys and another 1,000 views !!!

Signing off A "thousand" Coffee Diva

New Reviews coming soon..

Hello my coffee people :) How is everyone's November going so far? Mine is great. I am feeling more and more positive everyday. My diet took a turn for the worst the past week ( damn hormones).But I am back on track now. No biggie. It's always good to indulge right? lol.  My life is drama free. I truly only surround myself with a few people ( the ones who treat me great). When I just focus on my family, my life goes great. And it is ! It's almost a month left for the wedding, I am nervous/ excited at the same time. Still a bunch of things to do so I am still a little worried. But a good worried. . . Well I try and stay positive by reading Feng shui books while having a great cup of coffee:) . They have intelligent sayings that keep me motivated. I write a quote a day on Facebook in the morning to inspire me. So many people have used Facebook so negatively. But for me it is just be for fun. And keeping in touch with my relatives. ....
I have a few new coffee's to review.…

It's my favorite time of year again :)

Well, it seems to be that time of year again. I can't believe a whole year has gone by again. So much has changed in my life. More for the good ( coming from bad). Me and my fiance' are finally getting married on December 11th 2010. It will be the best day of my life, I can't wait. Anthony proposed to me December 24th 2006. I knew he was my soul mate then. We waited until the time was right to plan a nice wedding. It will be beautiful, cozy and romantic. And now every Holiday season will have double meaning since we will be married in December.. No matter what was going on in our lives over the past years, even when we had nothing, we still made the best of the holidays, and it always brought us great memories. And with the new year, the promise of better.  And each year that is what happens. I do not know where 2011 will lead us. Maybe to Florida, maybe even somewhere else. All I know is Anthony is the most wonderful man I've ever met. He's kind and generous. Roma…

Happy Halloween !!

Happy Halloween to all. I hope it is safe, and sound :).. I'm not one to really go out and mingle with the freaks. I can't stand people as I've gotten older, and grant it I'm only 24, but I've seen it all already. And from what I've seen, I'd rather have a nice cozy romantic night in with my hubby watching movies and having a nice hot cup of java !
So today I was on the hunt for Decaf coffee. Of all the coffee I have in the house, probably 7/8 different bags of variety, and hundreds of Kcups, you would think I'd have one that was Decaf right? Nope. Not one. I used to have Timothy's Colombian Decaf and I truly loved it. You would never have even known it was Decaf unless I told you. Even my better half would drink it. So I ran out naturally. I only have Decaf when it's that time of the month lol, they say women shouldn't drink caffeine so I try my best to be healthy ( especially when it's that "time" I need all the help I can get…

A new Kcup to review..

Happy Halloween weekend all ! I have just gotten back home after going away for my bridal shower/ dress fitting/ ordering my flowers for our wedding! I am very excited it's a little over a month away.The butterflies are in my stomach and I can't even wait lol....
Well I hope whatever everyone does they are safe, and keep your kids in earlier there are so many crazy people out there ! After I run my errands I am staying in my warm cozy beautiful apartment with a nice hot cup of coffee and scary movies . It's very chilly here in N.Y.C ..
Well when I went food shopping with my future hubby yesterday we picked up a box of Tully's Italian Roast kcups. It was on sale ! $3 off (at pathmark). I will be reviewing this week, as well as submitting my review for the kcup version of Folger's gourmet Vanilla Biscotti ( spoiler alert ! I LOVED IT ) ... 

So everyone have a great Hall O Week End :) you know what's scary ? A world with no coffee lol

Signing off A spooky coffee Diva …

Godiva Coffee, Set of 3 at

Godiva Coffee, Set of 3 at

I stumbled upon Godiva coffee on a facebook page. There are so many gourmet, and cheap coffee's it's hard to keep up at times. ( Even for a coffee diva like me :) .. So I was so excited to see one of the best chocolate brands had coffee. This is a nice gift set for yourself, or someone else close to you for the holidays.. If you love coffee or chocolate, or both .. You will die and go to heaven with this set ! It's $25.00 for a set of 3.
Has anyone ever tried Godiva coffee ?? I'd love to hear your reviews and comments...

Signing off A coffee Diva I'm thinking some espresso for later ;)

This is my coffee drink of the day !

Hello my coffee people! Happy Tuesday ( or friday for me lol). Well I had a rough day yesterday. I know my sister, and future hubby did too. I think it's going to be a full moon soon or it already is. Isn't it so weird how at certain times of the month people act crazy! ( and i don't just mean when women get pms ! lol) . Soo, I started over fresh today and was back to my usual positive self. I feel renewed and I'm not going to let any pathetic individuals try and attack me ever again, or bring me down! This is my life to shine.  Case in point, my treat for today my pumpkin spice kcup with whipped cream I have been talking about. I made it before. It was very yummy. I even put some cinnamon on top to make it very " coffee house ". So I wish you all a great rest of the week? What are your plans to finish out this work week? I am headed on to Staten Island , for my wedding dress fitting. I can't wait! Let me know if you guys have negative people in your life …

We better get them while we can !

The Shoffee Blog: Green Mountain Discontinuing Production of more than 25 Keurig K-Cup Varieties

Discontinued kcups!!! Ahhhh oh no lol . Us keurig snobs better check out this list and stock up if one of our favs are on here !!!!

No coffee just tea today for me feeling under the weather...

Signing off A "sick and bothered" coffee Diva

Bialetti Brikka mmmmh

This is the type of little espresso stove top machine I bought online. I can't wait to try it. My hubby just got me Lavazza espresso last night to use when I receive this. I will be posting more videos. And my review when I try this way to make espresso.!!! Ciao :) An Italian Coffee Diva :)

Free Gift Set from Green Mountain!

Hello my coffee lovers! If you are like me, and you are signed up on Face there are some truly great deals you can get. Anywhere from coupons, to free stuff. One of my favorite coffee brands ( actually I think number 1 in my book) Green mountain coffee, was starting to give away free coffee I think once a month ( could be wrong so check it out online ). The last week they gave away about 2500 prizes. Either kcups like I got or ground coffee. I got it today I couldn't believe how fast they sent it, and how beautiful it was! The sampler box alone on goes for $9.99, and I'm not sure about the cup but probably the same price. In the box was Vermont country blend, and house blend. I have never tried either of these kcups so I am super duper excited. I love getting free things. I am very thankful. This really made my day :) .. So I will be on the lookout for the next contests and I will be posting them on here.....
Have you guys ever gotten a really great free sam…

Pupkin Spice Kcup review...

Well I have yet another great review on all things with pumpkin or spice in them :) . My latest kcup review is for Green Mountain Pumpkin Spice. My hubby bought me 2 boxes at kmart as surprise gift. ( I have been bugging him to restock the kcup collection for the past month lol). So I tried the kcup yesterday and I loved it. I have to say Green Mountain, makes the best coffee I have ever tasted in my life hands down. There is not one kcup I don't like. Every single one of my favorite kcups are green mountain! They just keep nailing the name of the kcup on the head. This kcup was similar to the coffee creamer I reviewed last week. The undertones taste like a pumpkin flavored coffee. Medium body. But strong enough to carry over the spices. Not sweet like sugar or anything that you'd be like yuck I need more coffee. It was perfectly balanced. The aftertaste is like cinnamon and nutmeg, and all those yummy spices. It is absolutely PERFECT for fall. And for going all the way into …

Thank you for reading..

Just wanted to take some time to thank all of my family and friends for reading, and following my coffee blog. It means a lot to me. I want to give a special shout out to Leslie who emailed me about pumpkin spice coffee creamer. I am glad you found it Leslie. And thanks for reading my blog! Sign up and follow me anytime !!

Signing off A very thankful coffee Diva
coffee of the day on to my 2nd cup now starbucks cafe' verona !

A great find....

I shop at my local pathmark every week with my future hubby. And we are always out on the look out for new, and great coffee's. We use out kcup filter all the time to make the kcups stretched out. So we saw this one bag of coffee ( hartford reserve) and they had all kinds of varieties. It said 4.99 on the sticker but wound up ringing up 6.99 which is still a good price for good coffee. ( I think anyway). So we choose Kona blend. My future hubby loves Kona blend. And me too. It is very good. Medium roast I would say. Tastes good with half n half or any kind of flavored creamer. The first time I made it , it wasn't very strong. Almost a little watery. So I would add the fullest amount to the cup if your making it. Or even a little extra. But again, all in all I really liked the flavor. I have been using it every day. The coffee grind is very course. So you could definitely use this in your French Press. If you have one. Or in the kcup filter like we do :). I definitely want to t…

Want to learn how to brew the best coffee ??
At this cafe in chelsea, " cafe grumpy" ( love the name) they offer all kinds of classes for beginners to experts. Anything from brewing a great cup of coffee, to latte art! I can't wait to sign up in the future and take a class with my hubby ;) we are always trying new and fun things and we both share such a love for coffee now

Coffee of the day " gloria jeans hazelnut kcup " Signing off a coffee diva

The Shoffee Blog: Coffee People French Roast Keurig K-Cups

The Shoffee Blog: Coffee People French Roast Keurig K-Cups

Kcup sale on I was wondering if anyone has tried French Roast kcups ?? I have french roast ground coffee, but I haven't tried the kcups yet? So write me a comment if you have. It could be any brand...
Have a great weekend !
My drink of choice today was same as yesterday, 8 o'clock french roast with my new pumpkin spice creamer !

signing off A coffee Diva

Pumpkin Pie Spice is Yummy!

I just tried Pumpkin Pie Spice from "International Coffee" . I had a lot of bags of coffee left, and I am trying to use it up before re-stocking my KCUP collection. So I see this new one P.P.S in the coffee creamer aisle. And it sounded yummy. And it really is! I give it 4/ 5 coffee cups. It was not overly sweet, or pumpkiny . I can taste a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg in it ( which I really liked ) . Went great with my 8 o clock french roast coffee. It is great for the holiday season to go with all the yummy desserts and cookies on thanksgiving , christmas, new years, and even just in the winter time ! I love it and would recommend to all. And I can't wait to try all the other flavors. P.S. It's only about 3.99 I think for a bottle. So it's a good cheap way to "spice" up your boring coffee without spending a lot. I can't wait until my fiancée' tries it, I think he's going to love it ;)

Signing off A coffee Diva

Wholly Freebies - Freebies, Samples, Coupons, and more!: Possible Free Sample of Green Mountain Coffee

Folgers now has KCUPS

Check out the link for more info...

Signing off a coffee Diva

Coffeewiz | Keurig

Coffeewiz | Keurig

There are tons of Kcups on sale on It's such a great website, and $50 and over you get free shipping ! So stock up now with all the new seasonal flavors out!

A coffee Diva My coffee of the day French Roast by 8 o'clock coffee pretty good . I used Bailey's hazelnut creamer with it. Good combo try it!

Starbucks® Natural Fusions Caramel | Starbucks Coffee Company

Starbucks® Natural Fusions Caramel Starbucks Coffee Company

Yummy can't wait there are so many new things I want for my keurig.. so I will be posting quite a few :)


A coffee Diva

Nespresso Citiz Espresso Maker & Aeroccino Milk Frother

oh man I can't wait to get one of these they look amazing. I can make all of my favorite Italian coffe's. Machiato, latte, espresso , etc !

I've died and gone to heaven...

OK, I know I am partial to most Kcups because I have really loved every kcup I've tried. Keurig is amazing, but there is yet again another gem of a coffee that I have recently tried. Donut House Chocolate glazed Donut Kcup. . My mom had just bought the box , and told me to try it. Well it literally tastes like a chocolate donut is in your coffee mug! Can you get any better than that. It is great if you are dieting, or eating healthy like me. Instead of actually eating a donut, or dessert at night, just brew a fresh cup of choc donut right in your cup. It will
I give it 4 coffee cups out of 5! satisfy you for no calories !!! I love it. It's medium bodied, with no aftertaste, or bitterness what so ever. You can purchase on, or Please try this you will love it!
Today's coffee of choice was a french vanilla latte from dunkin donuts...

signing off a coffee diva

Glad it's over....

I don't know about you guys but I've had the worst Summer ever ! I don't know why so many things seemed "emotional" this summer. Maybe it's the regular day to day stresses, bills, drama etc. Maybe i'm getting nervous my life is changing that I'm getting married in 3 months. Maybe because My dad had surgery for the third time and was nerve wracking thinking if he'd be ok the third time around...
I'm a person who is in my mind so much, and I know I shouldn't be .. but I do it anyway..
I'm just really looking to move in January and I can only see that, so I fear if it doesn't happen before it has even taken it's course. So many dreams have let me down already, and I don't want this one to be let down as well..
I guess it's just a lot I'm going through. And the past three years I've been through so many things I could never imagine. Or prepare for. Sometime's I feel alone that no one has really given me the credit …

Coffee and Alzheimer's - Nutrition News - Nutrition Made Easy - Photos -

Coffee and Alzheimer's - Nutrition News - Nutrition Made Easy - Photos -

Every day there are so many new claims on how coffee is so healthy for you. If you drink it right ( not the fattening starbucks way lol). Here is yet another claim on how coffee is " a brain food" for you !

2 cups today Island coconut kcup, green mountain extra bold sumatran blend :)
Hey it's my day off :)

Signing off A coffee Diva !

The Shoffee Blog: Keurig Elite B40 Brewers Back in Stock at

The Shoffee Blog: Keurig Elite B40 Brewers Back in Stock at

Yay Keurig's are back in stock :) Check it out on

Was expecting more... :(

Well I was so excited to try my next box of Gevalia gourmet coffee Vanilla Nut, because I had loved the decaff creme' brulee so much. I tried it at first with no sugar, and it was ok, but I thought it could use a drop of sugar. Then I drank the cup, and was still kind of dissapointed. A lot of people said this was a good one. I think I was expecting something sweeter maybe thinking it was more of a french vanilla flavoring. It says it has a nutty flavor and smell to it. I don't know it tasted to nutty for me. I wasn't really crazy about it. I will keep trying it to make it work. And I will not give up on Gevalia. It's only normal some I will love some I won't. I give it about 21/2 3 coffee cups out of 5. I still have one more box to try after this. The espresso blend. .. I shall let you know after I put more sugar next time maybe how it is if it gets any better.. Please comment if you've tried this coffee ... A coffee Diva

Fall blends are coming out soon!!!!

Log on to, then go to Green Mountain's fan page, because they have the exact date for the fall flavors for kcups and ground coffee. OMG I can't wait. I love fall/winter. My favorite time of year. You can order online and they are in some select stores. So go on friend them/like them and check it out. I put i'm attending lol. I never got a chance to try any of the fall/winter flavors because I bought mine in the end of december. Well my fiance' bought it for me for Christmas. So I am super duper excited that I am a Keurig fanatic! Let me know if you guys tried any of the fall/winter flavors I'd love to hear your reviews. And sign up on here and follow me :)

Signing off A coffee Diva

The Shoffee Blog:'s Sam Pler Visits Troops in Basra, Iraq

The Shoffee Blog:'s Sam Pler Visits Troops in Basra, Iraq

This is so great what did for the troops in Irag...Check it out

Signing off A coffee Diva
Iced decaff coffee today ps.

Dark Chocolate Truffle Coffee from Gevalia

Dark Chocolate Truffle Coffee from Gevalia

If you guys relish chocolate as much as I do, and you relish coffee as much as I do.. Putting these two beautiful things together can only be one world. MAGICAL. I have to order this from Gevalia a.s.a.p but this probably is great in the winter time. When it is cold, and you want a little indulgence in your life ( without the calories) . It is only $6.95 for such quality coffee. I have only tried one Gevalia coffee so far but I rave about it all the time . So I am hopeful I will love all of their other many varieties. If anyone has tried this Gevalian blend, please sign up and let me know how good it is. Also for purchase, or check out the great reviews on their facebook page. .

Today's choice of coffee is Timothy's Decaff Colombian. Love it so strong and tasty. You wouldn't even know it was Decaff if I told you :) 5 coffee cups...

Signing off A coffee Diva !

1,000 Subscribers Giveaway

Sign up guys and be entered to win from Jason Coffee from coffeecupnews :) Love them !

Another coffee goodie :)

Yes I have found yet another great coffee website, with giveaways, reviews, blogs, just like all of us out here in cyberblogland are doing lol. It looks really cool and I friend-ed them on Facebook as well. Looks like they had good giveaways and videos. So I will be checking it out and I posted their website domain. So you guys do the same and give me some feedback on if you liked them or not :) Have a great day, so far not coffee, but I'm thinking iced for this hot muggy dreary new york august afternoon .. Also anyone else feeling down lately ? I don't know why but I have been. So share your stories, and maybe we can cheer each other up :)

Signing off A coffee Diva

Cuisinart SS700 Keurig K-Cup Coffee and Tea Brewer from

Check this baby out.....

Sign up please :)

Just wanted to say to all of my followers, please sign up and follow me. The more people the better. Don't just stand on the sidelines , if you like what you see sign up. It costs nothing, and won't bother you. I've noticed people do look, so just sign up , then you can read and be loyal to me too ....Thank you !

How do YOU take it ?

So when the heat gets up there, (like today it was about 93' in N.Y.C) do you like to have iced coffee? Or are you a seasoned coffee pro that drinks it straight up hot even in this crazy heat ? Well today since I had the A/C on, I wasn't that hot so I had my new Green Mountain Extra Bold Sumatran Reserve Coffee. And it was slamming ! It was very strong , but not bitter at all. I would drink this coffee every day. I loved it and so did my fiance' Anthony . We give it 5 full coffee cups out of 5 ! We're trying to train ourselves to drink in the heat so when we move to Florida in 2 years, we'll be ready to enjoy any time we want hot. Or if we do want iced, that too ! So comment in and let me know how you take it ( ok I know that sounds dirty but it's not lol)

Signing off A coffee Diva

Seasonal Coffee Flavors from Gevalia

Seasonal Coffee Flavors from Gevalia

Omg I so have to get "pumpkin spice" for the holiday/fall season. I think the end of September I will order it if it's available and "german chocolate" for all time of year lol. I really love Gevalia's coffee. Grant it I only tried the Decaff Creme' Brulee , but I LOVE it and I use it in my Keurig Kcup filter, and it comes out perfect every time :) So log online and order some up if you have a Keurig, or not. You won't be disappointed.

Keurig is on sale !

Keurig's Mac daddy platinum machine is on easy pay now if you log on to You will get the best deal you can get anywhere for that machine. It comes with 48kcups, the kcup filter, water filter, easy pay, cheaper price. So log on and check it out if you were looking to buy one! I think I will upgrade from my mini to this one in the winter time :)

Signing off A coffee Diva

Pretty coffee art picture ...


Coffee and your health.. it's a beautiful thing people

Hola Java Heads!! If you are like me, over the years you have seen people getting sick in your family, or around you and have realized, your health really is important. It's not about being perfect. It's ok to indulge once in a while in some chocolate cake or a glass of wine on the weekend. But every day you should at least be trying to be your best self. ( Ok i'll stop preaching ) . My point is , for 5 months now I have been "healthy" . I have gone down about 4/5 sizes. And I'm really proud of myself. I don't want to wind up like my dad or other family members ( no offense I still love you) With three heart attacks, or diabetes, knowing I could have prevented it. I mean you can be perfectly healthy and still get horrible things. So at least if I do everything in my power to be healthy, I know it wasn't my fault if god for bid something ever was to happen. And I'm young, so now is the time. . .
I love and drink coffee usually every day, but I somet…

How Coffee Can Energize Your Workout

How Coffee Can Energize Your Workout

Sweet! I gotta drink a cup before I do some yoga :)

Sweet Berry Lime Green and Tropical Breeze White Iced Tea K-Cups

Sweet Berry Lime Green and Tropical Breeze White Iced Tea K-Cups

YUM! Check out this coffee website for single serve brewers it is awesome!!!!!

The Shoffee Blog: Our New Favorite Keurig Accessory: Stackable K-Cup Storage Baskets

The Shoffee Blog: Our New Favorite Keurig Accessory: Stackable K-Cup Storage Baskets

I have the kcup carousel.. do you guys have this basket? Which one do you prefer ? I'm curious :)

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Coffee of the day Caribou Blend 3 coffee cups for me

Amazon is the place to order...

I am like uuber excited becaue I finally ordered my bodum pavina double wall thermo glasses set of 2 . They are 8.5 oz. Perfect for any iced drink, or coffee. Which is why I wanted to buy them! They are $14.99 for a set o 2 on which really isn't bad. The other websites were even more. I can't wait. Ever since I bought my Keurig i wanted to buy "clear mugs" so you can see when the coffee or tea brews into the cup. I also got a box of KCUPS to go with it. Of course I will be reviewing everything when I receive it! Can't 'wait that just made my day :) ... So log on to and do your coffee shopping there. They have tons of stuff , and great deals. I would know, I look everywhere lol ... Hope you guys are having a great weekend, I miss my fiance' ;(

Signing of A coffee Diva
Coffee of day: Newman's own extra bold organic 5 coffee cups for me love it :)

Sale on Bodum Press at William Sonoma

Great Coffee Website

Great coffee Deals, machines, coffee, etc.. Just check it out :)

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The Shoffee Blog: Keurig Special Edition B60 Brewers Back in Stock at

The Shoffee Blog: Keurig Special Edition B60 Brewers Back in Stock at has the big daddy Keurig black edition back in stock :) Time to buy people. I'm buying the big one for our wedding gift next christmas lol!

P.S. My mom was very nice and bought me some Island Coconut Kcups ! I was so happy , now I can stock back up now...

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I need more Kcups.. No I'm not an addict..

So yeah I usually make sure I have a few boxes of kcups in my arsenal to always be prepared. Over the past few months, I also stocked up on a lot of ground coffee to use in my kcup filter, to kind of space out the kcups. Now I feel like I went down from like 6 boxes of coffee and tea, to maybe 2 boxes. I still have a lot of ground coffee. Starbucks, gevalia, folgers gourmet, etc. So I'm definitely feeling in the mood to stock it up again. I'm thinking some of the new summer blends, or the new iced coffee kcups that are new. Just to last me from now until September/October time. Then I could stock up again in the fall with the great fall/winter time favorites. I purchase my keurig mini last Christmas so I didn't really have a chance to use any seasonal blends because I had already purchased it. Anywhoo I can't wait. Fall and winter time are m y favorite time's of year. Brings back great memories. And happy feelings. It's always a nice time for me, even if bad t…

missing my coffee :(

Hello my coffee fanatics. I hope you are all well and caffeinated lol. I have taken a little break from coffee. Not by choice, but because I'm not home lol. When I'm at my mom usually I take a break since I never know what she will have in the house. Or which kcups she has. ... Today was a great day for me I decided which centerpiece I will have at my wedding. It's simple. Colorful. And beautiful. Just like me :) All this running around has me a bit tired, so eating healthy and exercising is very important to me this week. I might have some decaff colombian kcups tonight. I could go in for a nice hot cup ( since it's like a meatlocker in my sister's room with this ac on) .. Well if you guys are planning a wedding or have had one, I'd love ideas or stories. And if coffee was involved too ... even better ! If not I will talk to you tomorrow ....

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The Shoffee Blog: Wolfgang Puck Keurig K-Cups Coming to Monday, May 24th

The Shoffee Blog: Wolfgang Puck Keurig K-Cups Coming to Monday, May 24th

Yumm check out these! I definitely want to stock up and try these wolfgang puck kcups. I am running down on my kcups. Went from like 6 boxes to two lol. So I want to stock up soon :) But these look great. So go to and check them out or to order them! Stay cool today all, for me i'm having an iced tea kcup...

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The Best Coffee Shops in New York City
It is a well known fact that there are numerous coffee shops in the big apple, so I am going to narrow down the many coffee shops to only the best in New York City.
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The Shoffee Blog: New Product: Cool Beans Ice Tray (for Iced Coffee)

The Shoffee Blog: New Product: Cool Beans Ice Tray (for Iced Coffee)


I won

Well I hate to be like one of those people who are always moaning and groaning about never winning anything. But, that's usually me. I mean the only thing I've ever won in my life is free samples on websites ( which they give to everyone so I don't think that is considered winning anything). I happen to go on to check my facebook, and saw one of my fav pages "coffeecupnews" had a live show. So I clicked on the link. And everything was going on at once, and I was trying to sign in. ( I felt like a totally dumb dumb not knowing what was going on in cyber land). They were having a contest for a free coffee give a way. ( they do these very often! ). So needless to say I won. I am so excited. I was smiling for an hour. If they only knew how that made my day ... The website is, the guy who is on the website is Jason. He is so sweet, cute and funny. Gets really excited about coffee just like I do . So I love it. It's a place I can go. Shar…

The Shoffee Blog: New Product: Copco Cold Cups in Four (4) Colors

The Shoffee Blog: New Product: Copco Cold Cups in Four (4) Colors

Love these of course I have to get one in pink! My signature color :)

The Shoffee Blog: Introduces Keurig K-Cup Super Sampler Packs

The Shoffee Blog: Introduces Keurig K-Cup Super Sampler Packs

I can't wait to get some ! I was just saying they should make more variety/sampler packs! credits.

Keurig B60 Single-Cup Brewer Demo

How to use a Keurig brewer. This is the bigger model than the one I have, but if you were wondering what the hell I was talking about when I said "keurig" or "kcups". Here you go :)

Landon Pigg - Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop

oldie.. but not so goodie anymore

I used to use Folgers coffee all the time. My mom always got Folgers so I guess I was just copying her in some small way lol. Then about two years ago when I was on my own, I realized this coffee tastes like crap lol. So I switched and went to Maxwell house. That I loved. Although sometimes if I put to much I think it tasted a bit funky. Or bitter. But maybe that's just me. . .
I thought today I'd use up the old Maxwell house I had with the baileys hazelnut creamer today to save some of my k cups. Well, the coffee wasn't bad let's just say that. But that smooth "everyday coffee" taste I used to think It had, just wasn't really there anymore. It kind of blend in to the hazelnut creamer ( mind u I only put 1tbsp) . I guess some time's an oldie is just an oldie for that reason, and it really isn't anything special. And maybe it never was. Now my palette is so open to so many new things that I've tried in ground gourmet coffee and the amazing k cu…

Sometime's all we need is a cup of coffee to make it all better

As I wrote the other day, I have been having a rough month. The past week has been both good and bad for me. So I've been struggling you could say. Today I thought I didn't even want to get up and deal with it all, but some how I pulled it together. And got up. And cleaned and worked. Did my website. And I felt like the one thing I was so looking forward to make my day just a little brighter, to just reward myself that I did have the courage to get up and face another day. Was my coffee. As corny or stupid as it sounds. . Some time's it could be the biggest or smallest things in life that will awaken us, and show us light when we feel there is only darkness left. .
My coffee choice was Kona blend kcup that I reviewed before, but I put it with the new "bailey's hazelnut coffee creamers". It is so good. I really wanted the french vanilla one but my key food only had the big french vanilla and I thought it might go to waste lol. So I got the small hazelnut for $…

Loving June? Not so much !

I don't know June just seemed to be a really stressful, really hectic month for me. I was really looking forward to the summer, having a great time, celebrating the up coming wedding. But it seems to be the complete opposite. Extra bills. Doctor appointments. Stress. Apartment obligations , etc. I want to enjoy my time (which is now) But I'm struggling. So many things on my mind. So many things to do. Anthony works the late shift so , a lot of things are always put off because he never has any time in the day to do them. Which I hate. Procrastination is not my thing lol. . I am going to see my mom and sis in S.I for two weeks in July. My sister is graduation medical and billing class (which i'm super duper proud of her) so at least I'll have some sort of vacation then. My dad is also having another hip surgery so I will be seeing him. So I think that will really help me. When I am having a hard time it's hard to not see my family. . Well I can't wait for this m…

Cheap doesn't have to mean bad..

Today my review is for Folger's Gourmet Carmel Drizzel Coffee. I first bought this coffee to try in Kmart. I was looking for kcups of course, and waned to maybe get bag coffee to spread it out in between, so I wouldn't use all my kcups up! So I thought well I really hate folger's coffee the past few years . Would this be any good? Well I am so glad I got it! This coffee is only $5.99 to start with, and it tastes amazing! The caramel drizzle is just that. Has a great hint of caramel in the background of just a nice mellow nutty coffee. Medium roast. Nothing to light or strong. Great for the morning or at night. I can not wait to try all the other ones. I just wish the stores sold them all. Some of them you have to buy on But it would be worth it. So who says you have to spend $20 on a bag of foo foo name coffee to get "gourmet" style flavor at home. At an affordable price. Scale of 1 to 5 coffee cups I give it 5! Definitely try this it's a super du…

latte art Latte Art

Happy weekend all:) Here are a few slides to display the beautiful work of "latte art". Love it! Enjoy and let me know what's in your cup this weekend ? Do you drink more or less coffee on the weekend?
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Bormioli Glass Mug Combo

Bormioli Glass Mug Combo
I'm thinking of getting this. I really hated Gevalia's customer service, but the coffee was worth it to be honest. I have only tried one so far but the creme brulee decaff was very good. And works great in my Keurig kcup filter. So I think I am going to try this. Get the two boxes, and I love these cups, I've wanted them forever!! lol for purchase

Top 10 Best Selling Single Serve Coffee Makers - June 2010

Top 10 Best Selling Single Serve Coffee Makers - June 2010

My babies are on this list! Keurig, and my new coveted item the nespresso maker!

A few of my fav things...

Hello my coffee people! Today is me and my hubby's day off. Thursday/Friday. So much to do so little time . Well as I wait for him to get home, here are a few pics of some things I'd love to get . And some things I think you might love. So enjoy and I will post the links where to buy each. .

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Kona Blend :)

Hello my coffee lovers. I hope you enjoy my youtube posts on all things coffee, including my wish list. The nespresso maker I posted is quite amazing. I put it on my wedding registry list and I really hope I get it ! Well today I don't really have anything to say, other than talk about my coffee of choice. Today's choice for me was Tullys Kona blend. It's a very good coffee. It reminds me of a good every day coffee. I know many coffee's can have that "everyday" coffee taste, but they all still are slightly different in their own ways. I felt like treating myself today that I can have caffeine again so I went for the kcup. I am in the mood to buy some new ones. Today I got an email saying that on there was a sale free shipping on any orders any price. That is a great deal. I might order a summer blend later. Their prices are good too because they have 24ct boxes for 11.99 about. Anywhoo so yeah Kona blend is good and would recommend it as a good …

The Ultimate Espresso? Nespresso Essenza C100 and Aeroccino Review

It's getting hot in here....

So I know they say Florida has the worst humidity and heat. But I gotta be honest with you, some time's NY city can really rival them. The heat is up in NY. Which means all the lunatics are going to be out. Including the hoochie mamas with the pum pum shorts and cellulite flying every where ( who really shouldn't be wearing all those "little outfits for summer"). It makes me quite nauseous. Just because you are "skinnier" doesn't give you the right to let me see your c section scars. Seriously. And what's up with the mom's who had the kids when they were 14, so they like to share clothes with their 16 year old daughters because they think they are sisters? Oh boy where has this society gone? To shit I say. And I'm only 24 ! So yeah it's hot, and humid. Bad hair day. I put my hair back, I wasn't even going to try and blow out my platinum locks. If I did I'd just sweat my hair into an afro by the end of the afternoon. Of course I p…

French Press

Positivity ? Is it learned or Instinct?

Happy Monday all. Monday is a good day to start fresh. If you cheated on your diet on the weekend, today is the day to start over. Today is the day to work out. To start a new outlook. To be positive. I usually believe that bad things happen Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday lol. . My whole life I have tried to be positive, but have struggled a lot. So many years I have been depressed. I feel like it comes and goes. Some weeks, days, or months, are really bad for me and it's hard to even get up in the morning. And some times I am so happy. It's so hard to stay balanced, and keep that positivity when I'm young, and so many things have happened. I never used to worry as much as now, or stress out as much as I have these past few years. But you have to take the good with the bad right. It's been the worst two years for me ever, but then in the same sense I met the love of my life. My soul mate. The one man I always was looking for but never thought i'd find. And we'…